Shipping Information

We will send you an email confirmation after your checkout. 

Please allow up to 3 days for shipping handling before your item ships.

Once your item ships, you will sent you a tracking number. Please allow 48-72 hours for tracking information to be updated.

Please allow up to 30 business days for delivery. Shipping times vary globally, but are typically as follows:

USA: 20-30 business days

Canada: 15-25 business days

Australia & New Zealand: 15-30 business days

UK: 20-30 business days

Europe: 15-25 business days

Rest of the World: 15-30 business days


Shipping Delays

Please note that we do not have control over shipping delays. If you have questions about your delivery status, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Possible reasons for a delay include:

1. Parcel is awaiting customs inspection in your home country
2. Parcel is awaiting space availability on the shipping aircraft 
3. Parcel simply needs time to go through the system - some cities take longer to process items than others 


Incomplete Address

If an error such as an incomplete address is made during the input of your order in the checkout process, Shop at Outlet has the right to charge a fee of $5.00 for all US orders and $10.00 for all International orders in the circumstance of a parcel requiring to be re-shipped.